Under maintenance warranty, all manufacturing defects officially confirmed by Felka Technical Department can be repaired within 2 years since purchasing. After that, you have to bear all relevant labor charges.

  • 1. You can return & exchange the item within 30 days for quality problems (no man-made damage).Relevant postage shall be born by Felka;
  • 2. We provide extra one year free quality warranty on the basis of brand warranty period;
  • 3. You shall pay relevant fees for exchange of spare parts not within warranty scope;
  • 4. Normally the maintenance period is around 15 working days. This period will be prolonged under the conditions of lack of accessories.

As other precious objects, wristwatches and precision instruments need special protection, as well as maintenance. The following tips are helpful to keep your timepiece working effectively.

Water Cleaning :

Watches need to be washed by clean water if contaminated by chloride or salt water. Please use small stream and dry the watch with special cloth.

Cleaning :

Dust and sweat on the case and band can cause allergy to human body. Also this would cause oxidation to steel. In order to avoid this, periodically cleaning the case.

Choice of band/chain :

Leather strap should not be exposed to water. If you are doing water activities, in very humid environment, or in hot environment, which cause you to sweat a lot, it will be a good decision to choose stainless steel or rubber band.

Leather strap :

As other leather objects like shoes and gloves, leather straps need careful maintenance to keep appearance. Leather strap should not be exposed to water, sweat, humidity, fat, perfume, cosmetic, and chemicals. Also too much sunlight should be avoided.

service and maintenance :

For service and maintenance refer to your nearest local agencies.